Disney Tour 2023

We are excited to share with you that our marching band and orchestra have the opportunity to travel again during the 2023 – 2024 school year. Next year, our program will be traveling to Orlando, Florida, where both our marching band and orchestra will have performance opportunities! This experience is a result of the hard work many have put in to provide us with this unique opportunity. Each of your children continues to excel in rehearsals and bring pride to the community in our performances. Thank you for supporting them.

The reasons why we travel with our ensembles are:

  • To provide educational opportunities to our students through performances/ adjudications
  • To bring recognition to our school district and music program
  • To build a sense of community between the members of our groups

When planning this trip, there are many different aspects we must consider, including:

  • School Schedule
  • Costs
  • Performance Schedules & Availability

All members of our marching band and high school orchestra (grades 9-12) are invited to perform. The decision to take each group will be made independently based on the commitment forms that are returned. In order for each group to perform and learn as one, we need to field a representative group.

2023-2024 Disney Tour Kickoff Letter (PDF)

Contribution Schedule

Contribution scheduleAmounts
March 31, 2023$200
May 31, 2023$375
July 31, 2023$375
September 30, 2023$375
November 30, 2023remaining contribution

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