Washington DC Trip Details and Contributions

The Washington DC trip is scheduled for departure from EAHS on Friday, April 29 with students returning on Sunday, May 1. Students’ and chaperones’ contributions will be between $450-475 depending on the final number of students participating.

To help fund the trip, a number of fundraisers (e.g., Shammy Shine gift cards, March Forth donations) can be applied to a student’s trip contribution, but for those contributions that are not fundraised, students and chaperones can submit their contributions online. Or, they may send in their contributions by way of check or cash.

To contribute by check or cash:

On an envelope (it’s important to use an envelope), please write:

  • Student’s first and last name
  • Trip contribution number (#1 Feb, #2 Mar, or #3 Apr)
  • On memo line of check, please write student’s first and last name

To contribute online: