Band Camp March-A-Thon on August 9

To help raise funds for the marching band’s trip to the 2020 Gator Bowl on January 2, students will march the equivalent of 50 laps around a football field (done at the EAHS practice band field) during band camp throughout the morning of Friday, August 9. In addition to raising funds for their trip, students will get to participate in team building activities, games, and other fun events that morning.

What do I need to do?

Find sponsors

Identify sponsors for the event such as friends, neighbors, and family members, and ask them how they’d like to donate to the march-a-thon:

  • Lap Sponsorships: (e.g., $0.10/lap)
  • General Sponsorships: (e.g., $20.00 flat donation)

Raise $30…ideally

Our goal is for every student to raise $30–this would generate over $9,000 for the IMA! The top selling section also will receive an award.

Cash or checks made out to “IMA” will be accepted. Half of all money raised by each student will go toward their individual Florida fundraising account, while the other half will go toward the IMA general fund to help support other events. To ensure students receive their funds, please have sponsors write your name on the check memo line, or be sure the cash is in an envelope with your name on it.

Sponsorships are due Wednesday, August 7.

Why a march-a-thon?

It’s a fun way to raise money, plus it should be a fun morning with all the planned activities. The cost to the IMA just for the Florida trip will exceed $20,000, so we need everyone’s help to ensure we can get our instruments to Florida, as well as provide for the annual needs of our growing program.