Shop with Scrip Fundraiser

Scrip is fundraising while you shop®. You buy gift cards for over 750 retailer brands at which you already shop and earn a rebate on every gift card you purchase at face value. This rebate goes right to our organization. We run our scrip program through ShopWithScrip, who has worked with over 48,000 nonprofit organizations over the course of 23 years.

Getting started with ShopWithScrip

  1. Two ways to start:
  2. When prompted, enter the IMA enrollment code: A865B1FD6339L
  3. Begin shopping for gift cards of many of your favorite merchants. Payment can be established one of two electronic ways:
    • PrestoPay, which is linked to your bank account and allows you to get instantaneous e-gift cards on your smartphone, as well as re-load money on certain gift cards. A very small per transaction fee (about $0.15/order) will be incurred.
    • Credit cards are accepted, but incur a higher processing fee than using PrestoPay.

Physical gift cards

Many gift cards can be delivered electronically (either on your phone or printed), but some are available only as physical cards.

  • For gift cards only available in physical form, many can be delivered to your address by mail.
  • Some gift cards only available in physical form can only be mailed to the IMA Scrip coordinator. These physical gift cards will be delivered to the coordinator every few weeks. You will be contacted with pick-up details.